Recycling your waste is a top priority for us.  Not only does this help offset climate change, in many cases it also reduces disposal costs enabling you to save money.

Please see a brief summary of the process below

Wood/Wooden Furniture/Chipboard/MDF Disposal Shredded, baled and utilized for clean energy.

Rubble/Brick/Hardcore Disposal Crushed and re-used within paving, stone products

Green Waste Disposal Separated, Shredded, Baled and also utilized for clean energy

Paper and Cardboard Disposal Sorted, treated, pulped and reused within paper and cardboard packaging products.

Concrete and rubble disposal. Alternative to skip hire in Bromley Beckenham and Greenwich

Rubble, Rocks and Breeze Blocks Loaded, Disposed and Recycled

Builders Waste disposal in Bexley Bromley Dartford and Greenwich

Builders Waste Collected and Recycled in Bromley Common

Waste wood, chipboard and MDF recycling and disposal

Waste Wood, Chipboard and MDF Loaded, Disposed and Recycled for Biomass Fuel.

Wood Disposal and recycling in Dartford and Bromley Kent

Wooden furniture collected and recycled in Dartford Kent

Waste paper and cardboard recycling in Bromley Greenwich Dartford Lewisham and Bexley Kent

Waste paper and cardboard recycling in South East London and Kent

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